OBEC does not run a professional webshop. However, we now and then have special items for sale. Every offer is genuine and we vouch for the quality and quantity. Costs to send an item to your address are always excluded from the listed price.
Use the contact form at the bottom of this page to get in touch with our shop manager for more information.  

 OBEC Badge

Collectors item. Rare!

Embroidered costume badges have an important role within the Star Citizen culture and organizations. Sew these custom emblems onto clothing and other fabrics to identify yourself as member during gatherings like Bar Citizen.

The OBEC badge is carefully modelled after our logo and created using only the best materials.

Our velcro badge has an easy-to-apply hook-and-loop system to attach them on shirts, jackets, vests, and backpacks. These patches are long lasting and can be used with different uniforms over and over again with easy and superior fastening design.

OBEC’s velcro badge sells for 2.45 GBP / 2,85 EUR / 3.25 USD each plus postage. 

 Dutch Barcitizen Coaster

Collectors item. Only 5 left !!

Summer 2017, OBEC organized and sponsored the first Dutch Bar Citizen and handed out coasters. The coaster is tastefully printed in traditional Delfish Blue and has our logo centered in the middle. This is a very rare and limited item, only 25 have been made. Several of them found their way to Citizen Con. This is your last chance to get one yourself. Only 5 left!

OBEC’s Bar Citizen Coaster sells for 21.95 GBP / 25.00 EU / 28.67 USD plus postage. One coaster each!