Guidelines Document

Star Citizen and OBE Co-operation (OBEC) is about having fun and enjoying the game. For members; OBEC is now the chosen vessel for your (virtual) career and life in Star Citizen. For affiliates; we hope OBEC can contribute to your personal success in Star Citizen. Both ways, we are very proud you choose OBEC. Our members and affiliates work hard to make OBEC a living community and a breathing success of co-operation. We created some basic guidelines to outline our community and stance towards other individuals and organisations. 

This document lists OBEC Guidelines. We ask you to read and understand this document and reply with the following text on Spectrum: 

I [RSI-name], member / affiliate of OBE Co-operation, choose to accept the guidelines and will follow them, I will make sure to be the better person in situations that are not covered in this document. 

OBEC Guidelines: 

1. Star Citizen is just a game. My real life, my real job, my family and friends always come first. 

2. I won’t lie, cheat, steal, threat or be a bully and ruin the game-play of others simply because I can. 

3. We respect each other, each other’s opinions and way of living and playing, in and outside this game. 

4. I will be supportive, act honourably and be helpful to all members, affiliates, artificial intelligent characters, droids, bots and any other singular unique and special entities. 

5. If I can, I will make every attempt to come to the aid of our members and affiliates, just as I would hope them to come to my aid if possible. 

6. If my character is a member or affiliate from a Pirate organization, I will make sure to keep any pirate business far away from OBEC. As Affiliate I will not recruit OBEC members for my own organization. 

7. I will not start a fight, nor will I be the aggressor, except for the following reasons: 

7.1. In a war scenario. 

7.2. If a shoot on sight order or bounty is in effect for the target, individual or organization. 

7.3. When attacked I have every right to engage and defend my team and myself. 

8. With the exception of the points mentioned in 7, I will not take any action that might provoke, encourage, incite, or cause another organization to become hostile towards OBEC. 

9. I will bring to the attention of OBEC any situation that I believe might escalate into an inter-organization war/conflict. 

10. If I choose not to follow this code, I understand I will be subject to a review by our moderators, councillors and involved members. This may lead to a warning or ultimately to removal from OBEC. 

© OBEC 2018