Communication Structure

Our organisation defined a powerful communication infrastructure: 

For Voice chat we use Teamspeak. In your TeamSpeak client go to and wait in the airlock until someone verifies you. At the moment TeamSpeak is for members, affiliates and special guests only. Any member can pull affiliates and guests to the required channel, at the moment affiliates cannot use TeamSpeak by themselves (unfortunately our server was used for non-OBEC business).

In the near future, we might migrate to RSI Spectrum Voice Chat but for now Teamspeak is an excellent tool.

For Text chat, we use Discord and RSI Spectrum Text Chat. As long as RSI Spectrum is not completed and workable on mobile devices, Discord is our main way of communication.  

For structured posts and discussions that need to be traceable we use the RSI Spectrum Forums. Spectrum is hosted by Star Citizen and a very powerful platform for organisations. 

OBEC will use this website ( to run tools for members and affiliates. For now, the website content, you are looking at it right now, is a placeholder for future developments. 

For real secure data and information, OBEC is in the process of creating a secure file system. The fileshare will contain all our training and other documents, plans Bothans would give their life for and more classified information regarding fleet, bases, resources et cetera.  

And finally, we have an OBEC YouTube Channel for Game Night Streams and footage by members. 

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