Stargazers Division

The exploration arm of OBEC, aka Stargazers, main purpose is collection, consolidation and distribution of information about star systems, suns, planets, jump points, points of interest (POI: touristic, business or scientific), trade routes and mining prospects. In its role as holder of the galactic map it will tightly link to the other departments to provide the necessary intelligence to ensure smooth operations.

The Stargazers division is structured into the following 3 branches:

- The lone Rangers Club

- The William Dampier fleet

- Pathfinders (Scouts)

The lone Rangers Club

A loose conglomerate of individuals venturing out into the unknown alone or in small groups. Ships of choice for these hardy types are small single person vessels beefed up with long range tanks and the necessary equipment to sustain the inhabitants for a long period of time away from civilization. 

If you come across one of them on a rare occasion hanging out in a bar somewhere on the outskirts of the inhabited space, listend to their stories and enjoy the high tales. But also remember, only half of it will moste likely be true.

OBEC - Stargazers does provide the lone Rangers a club house to share experiences, training for greenhorns and tips on ship load outs. This will be the platform for information information exchange, anything from places to visit to search for wings.

The William Dampier fleet

A William Dampier fleet will always be assembled if any of the other departments, or the org itself for that matter, needs the services of the Stargazers. Composition and size of fleet depends on the set goals. Usually the fleet will be mobilized for larger scale exploration operation. For smaller operations call the Pathfinder branch. 

Mobilization SOP:

1. Identify target area for exploration trip.

2. Assemble available information about target area.

3. Engage science department for long distance scans (telescopes, radio waves etc.)

4. Agree exact goals, duration and route of the exploration trip.

5. Assess available ships and explorers willing and able to join.

6. Agree on assembly point and date/time.

7. Ensure provisions, supply chain and safety (engage DOA if needed).

8. Venture out into the void. 

Pathfinders (Scouts)

Pathfinders (aka Scouts in the non-military sense) execute short range and small scale exploration missions, also within the inhabited part o the verse. They can also be used as information runners between sections of the OBEC. 

With the exception of a very few „nutters“ all lone Rangers have started as Pathfinders. The same guys and girls you can see blasting their ways through enemy lines to collect the admirals favorite cake are the ones you can find a few month later at the corner of the Orion nebula.

Pathfinder contracts are defined within a clear frame of

a) Goal

b) Time

c) Risk

d) Price (ex. expenses)

Stealth operations are usually covered by one ship where as standard Pathfinder wings are comprised of 3 ships.

Exploration goals:

a) Mapping of star systems

b) Mapping of jump routes

c) Mapping planets/moons/asteroid fields

d) Prospecting

e) Trade routes

f) Science

To-Do: SOP for the above exploration goal. 

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