Applied Sciences, Research & Development (ASRD)

Roles & Duties

- Manufacturing supplies with resources grown via Bio-Dome

- Upgrading Technology via Supercollider

- Analyzing data

- Science!

~ under construction ~

To be Established

- Set up a network of people that will be available to others upon request

- Build supply chains for Medical Supplies for MSAR 

- Build supply chains for EID and other divisions 

- Work with Miners department to acquire ore to make specific services continually available to members

- Organize with DOA to protect Endeavors when they are performing advanced operations


Decentralized leadership. You don't need to get permission to do science. We are just here to help, if needed.

Medical Search & Rescue (MSAR)

CSAR: Combat Search and Rescue

These are the bread and butter when it comes to military medical doctrine they do everything from recovering wounded in the field to ensuring they are in a hospital in the golden zone just under a minute.

People who operate in this will typically be using the Cutlass Red for the best combat and survival of wounded and will have to be both fast and efficient in their work.

Triage: First Responders / Rescue

This is the emergency response force they'll be coming in when it matters just been shot down and have a O2 leak these will be here with spare suits. Your best friends when you're in an emergency.

Pathologist: Medical Researcher

Assisting Science Division with researching harmful biological contaminants disease and improving our technology to further treatments.

Hospital Medic: (All Hail the Hope-Class)

Crewmen on board larger ships for ease of medical treatment all from the safety of capital sized ships or the almighty Hope-Class Endeavor.

Field Medic

Work alongside infantry to provide immediate medical care and support your squad with your skill and support equipment

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