As Member and Affiliate you can participate in our Raffle system. We have two sorts:

  1. Grand Raffle: twice a year, full members only, price is a Star Citizen ship.
  2. Small Raffle: four times a years, for members and affiliates, price is a small ship or subscriber flair

We have some rules for the Raffles:

  • Active membership (or affilation for Small Raffles), be visible on Discord and TeamSpeak
  • Game Night participation (at least once a month), every Game Night you earn a Game Point
  • Entry fee for a Raffle is 2 Game Points 
  • Subscribe for a Raffle via Spectrum PM to Keiji
  • No Game Point transfer to and from other members and affiliates allowed
  • Game Point overview managed by Keiji
  • In case of discussion or doubt, Keiji has the final say 


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