Hi there!

Welcome to obec.space, the home of OBE Cooperation. On the road to the completion of Star Citizen this website will be utilizing you with all kinds of information and tools to make your life in The Verse easier.

OBEC has been founded in February 2017 by active backers and members from the Star Citizen community. We are an international organization. On behalf of our entire team, take care, have fun and be careful out there. 

 Our values are … 

OBEC is about friends, working together and having fun. Most important rule: “Star Citizen is just a game. Real life, real jobs, family and friends always come first”.
We are into exploration, mining, trading, science, technology, protecting and taking care of the well-being and health of our members and the weak and unprotected out there. Star Citizen will become a very large game and it is not safe on your own … that is why we have OBEC.  

In Game Footage by OBEC members

 Founders Lore

On the 27th of February 2947 in an 'Omusul's Breakfast Enterprise' restaurant in Port Renatus on Mars, five disenchanted space farers sat to talk about their woes and their dreams. These five men had been unrecognized but essential cogs in the machine of an intersystem organisation that had bloated beyond recognition, resulting in poor communication tyrannical leadership and a steady decrease in profits for the rank and file. Read More

 Join us!

Membership is free, all we want is your participation and activity. You can join us via the RSI website  If you want more information or have any question please send us a message. 

Feel free to use the next referral code: STAR-F3NG-KSQ4 when signing up for Star Citizen. You get 5.000 aUEC (game credits) for free by doing so.


"Focus on the journey, not the destination. Joy is found not in finishing an activity but in doing it”. Greg Anderson

Every Friday we organise a Game Night. Usually a session of 2 - 3 hours where members, affiliates and occasional guests team-up on TeamSpeak and play Star Citizen together. We like to explore the Verse and coop in missions and quests.
Game Night is the best moment to watch, learn and ask questions. There are many ways to play the game and we constantly learn from each other. It also gives you the opportunity for a try before you buy. Our Discord Server announces the Game Night time and details every Friday.

The weekly updated Star Citizen roadmap gives us the opportunity to organize an event after each major release. An event is tailormade and might run one evening or several evenings in a row and gives all OBEC members and affiliates the opportunity to discover and play a new part of feature of Star Citizen.
We will see you in the Verse!


We use several tools to stay in touch with each other. As a starter: the maker of Star Citizen offers us next to the game the use of the website, Spectrum forum and text chat. And in-game text-chat (not related) and voice-chat channels.
Both Spectrum and in-game channels have their limitations. Therefore, we also use our own text- and voice-channels.

For Voice chat we use TeamSpeak It may sound old-school but we run a +500 user server and it delivers the quality you want from Voice chat. Install your TS3 client and go to ts.obec.space. You might have to wait in the airlock until someone verifies you. Any member can pull affiliates and guests to the required channel.

For Text chat, we use Discord. It is our main way of communication. We use the Spectrum Forums for structured posts and discussions.

This website has a member-section which will contain useful data for members and affiliates only.